Meet our client, Bob, a small business executive whose passion has built his brand and whose lack of tech know-how was limiting his reach.

Bob is in the construction business. His wife handles sales while he manages each and every project. A project manager and serial entrepreneur with a passion for his products and the value they provide to customers, Bob also manages to have a fulfilling life of travel, mountain biking, and swimming. But he’s not a tech person and has no desire to become one.

Bob’s previous experience with paid marketing has not gone well. Agencies and individuals have failed on their lofty promises, cutting off clear communication over strategy and execution as the relationship soured. Like any small business owner, from marketing Bob simply wants leads generated, good communication, his business steadily growing by reaching more paying customers, and all for a reasonable price that will fit his desired return on investment.

Working with Bob for over 2 years now, we continue to supply his business with new quality clients through paid media strategies that help support his business and his team doing over 5 million a year.

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