Case Study 1: The STP Difference

High-end Home Remodeling


A locally-owned home renovation company was looking to target the higher-end renovator. They wanted to drive site conversions and calls among adults with a HHI of $150K+ who showed an interest in renovation.

The client had been disappointed with work from Home Advisor and wanted to move away from reliance on this tool.


Our team implemented display and Facebook/Instagram to complement an ongoing SEM strategy which they transitioned to us to manage.

During this 7-month campaign, we used a mix of behavioral/interest targeting in specified DMAs using domain retargeting to ensure site visits and calls.


The campaign, which the client recently renewed, drove awareness, clicks and calls. We found that calls were driving over 50% of conversions. We adjusted the messaging to accommodate for this insight. We also focused on zip codes in the DMA in which we saw high conversion rates. We continue to optimize based on trends we are seeing in the market.

Case Study 2: The STP Difference

Environmentally Friendly HVAC


A locally-owned HVAC company committed to lowering carbon emissions and energy usage wanted to focus on driving installation of systems that are more environmentally friendly.

They wanted to drive site visits to schedule appointments and wanted to focus on both B2C and B2B audiences.


Our team implemented display and LinkedIn, implementing a test and learn approach with creative. We used a CRM list and look-a-like targeting building on the audience who was converting.

Display drove strong engagement and clicks to site, with both site targeting and retargeting in play. LinkedIn focused on the B2B audience with an efficiency message which drove high engagement and clickthrough.


Across the campaign we made optimizations based on creative performance and focused in on retargeting activities. Overall, the campaign drove increased awareness and conversions. View through activity was strong, meaning the brand remained top of mind and users reached out when they were ready. Conversions on mobile devices were high indicating that users consider this an on-demand service. Moving forward, we’ll continue to hone our targeting based on these learnings and focus on specific creative iterations that have proven successful.

Case Study 3: Regaining Lost Ground

For A Global Insulation Manufacturer


$11B manufacturer of fiberglass insulation, roofing and composites was losing unit share and $ to spray foam insulation for light commercial and residential.  Challenge – can we win by deploying a more surgical approach? Yes – the goal could be met by converting customers in select markets (the “smile” markets in Southeast, South and Southwest).


This B2B campaign campaign hyper targeted energy raters, contractors, subcontractors, installers, builders and remodelers (2-3 in each of 10 markets) enhancing targeting by building look-alike audiences off the client’s CRM list, a YouTube campaign that showcased the energy efficiency and cost effectiveness of fiberglass insulation versus spray foam, and a conquesting strategy by geofencing around decision makers and contractors, and around job sites.


The campaign delivered 37% lift over Completed Views goal. Video completion rate was at 67% versus the B2B industry standard of 20-30% and received a 3.35% CTR.

Most importantly – sales goals were achieved or exceeded in all but one targeted geography. 

We Specialize In Working With Home Improvement Businesses 3x Their Sales In 3 Months.
…Especially in this recession.

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